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Deep Dance Experience







My personal training practice is a physical component of what I call "The Work.” This program of personal training is for those not quite ready for group exercise. Maybe you’re feeling too self conscious or have labeled yourself as “too overweight" or “too out of shape” to join a group exercise class , or to go to the gym. Consider setting aside an hour for some one-on-one studio time designed to put your body into motion. We’ll do this work together -- without unnecessary or harmful "attacks" that might be counterproductive  to maintaining an exercise program in the first place! Think of this as baby steps into your own physical fitness. We'll take action to overcoming obstacles that keep you from tending to your health. You'll need an hour, a mat and some small hand weights.  It's  a FUN, enlightening and insightful process. Join me and let's begin this adventure into your wellness together.

$50 hour


I’ve always longed to help others -- it’s always been in me!. My years as a student in the field of personal growth led me to teaching. "The Work" is, in essence, mindfulness and awake-ness. This method is thousands of years old and was once only available to kings, queens and dignitaries. It is in the nature of our minds to run on automatic pilot and to lose touch with the unique beauty and possibilities of each present moment. I am honored to serve as your teacher and guide  back to an appreciation of  your NOW.  I offer one-on-one coaching in complete privacy and confidentially. Find your path to live better — to grow, to feel, to love, and to learn to give shape to the landscape of your life. Heal your mind, heart, spirit and soul. This work taps into deep emotions and our innate capacity for love — to  awaken for ourselves, for others and for the world we inhabit.

$40 hour/weekly sessions





    Hi! My name is Kris and I love to dance! My passion for dance and movement led me to develop The Deep Dance Experience (DDX) in 1999. Prior to founding this successful dance fitness program, I studied intensely for years with my teacher Carol, in the Diamond Heart and Mind Study. The focus of this work is to orient and guide individuals who are engaged in the difficult process of essential development. Combining my knowledge of emotional connectivity with the JOY and freedom of dance, I created a foundation of a “deep dance experience.” I know this is an opportunity for me and for my students to reach new levels of exercise - inside the body and out. I consider DDX to be dance therapy. I create non-choreographed free form dance matched to carefully selected music. What is created on the dance floor is truly an experience to behold -- for dancers and non-dancers alike. Scroll down for class schedule.

    $10 per  one hour class    NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!


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